The similarities between screen acting and your video marketing presence are surprisingly many. Most importantly, both can be characterised as a performance.

I have spent countless hours working in film as well as learning marketing from my uncle who built billion-dollar businesses. So, I’ve outlined some key knowledge for you to begin in video marketing. The fundamental thing you need to know before you get in front of the camera, in front of your customers, is to convey authenticity by being comfortable for the camera.

What is the fundamental thing to know about video marketing?

Video marketing to me, is a way to POWER UP your existing marketing (like in a video game). 

Why is it a power up?

Plus, videos in general can help your customer connect better with you and understand your message more clearly.

One major action step you can do RIGHT NOW is take a look at your existing marketing and ask yourself – where is one place I can add a video to “power up” my message?

2 Steps to Getting Comfortable in Front of the Camera

1. Practice Self-Confidence Mindset

Simply put, the most important thing to remember is to have is confidence – more specifically self-confidence. Self-confidence is considered one the most ‘influencial motivators’ in everyday life. Without this trait, no matter how important or incredible the content you are putting out there is, no one watching will believe a word. This can be drummed up in numerous ways. 

Visualisation is one way to increase your self confidence. This method uses mental imagery to achieve a more relaxed and focused state of mind. Begin by creating time for this tactic.

Once you have obtained a clear image, you are on your way! You can write down your main takeaways for each visualisation if this helps.

Additionally, you can expand this to include progress or success, and your first visualisation goal should be confidence. Getting into this meditative state before filming can both boost self-confidence and quash nerves. Moreover, to develop a routine of daily visualisation can relieve consistent anxieties. 

2. Ensure you have Picture-Perfect Posture

Another easy tip to increase confidence, specifically on camera, is posture. 

Whilst many people in marketing deliver great messages from a seated position, I find standing and commanding the attention of the audience will make the message come across stronger. If choosing to sit, position yourself upright without slumping your shoulders and keep yourself open. I have made a short video below to document which posture I have found works best: 

Prepping for your Video Marketing

Firstly, knowing your audience before you create any marketing material is important. Remember, when you’re using videos, you aren’t trying to CREATE desire in your customers but you’re trying to call out an existing desire from your customer and injecting that into your offer.

Once you know your audience, the preparation continues. Whether you are putting out branding videos, explanation videos or simple webinars, practice before you start.

Performing your video can be equated to ‘telling a compelling story’ so become extremely familiar with what you want to put across. 

Try a few table reads before you turn on the camera. Assess how you are going to highlight certain messages that you want to put across. I’ve recorded an example below, picking out phrases from a speech and making them hit differently:

Conveying Energy in your Marketing Videos

Confidence can be aided greatly by energy. As confidence grows, hopefully using these methods, the rate of ‘energy dissipation’ will lessen. Your energy as you continue to talk should not become smaller, it should remain at the same intensity. 

There’s a few ways I have found to maintain energy

Regularly moving around  

A study found that sedentary people with persistent, unexplained fatigue decreased their tiredness by around 65% just by regularly participating in low-intensity cycling. Now I’m not saying every time you go to talk in front of the camera, you jump on the bike for an hour… 

However small exercises like ten star jumps or running on the spot for 30 seconds can give you a much-needed boost. There’s an acting warm up that’s ridiculous but gives your whole body a buzz, which I’ll show you below:

Let some light in when you’re working

Even better, go outside! A study finds spending 20 minutes in the open air gives your brain an energy boost comparable to one cup of coffee. If you find talking in front of the camera a bit embarrassing, do something ridiculous before you start recording. Jump around the room, sing loudly, scream, laugh. Put yourself in the right, energetic state of mind to perform correctly. 

Whichever of these methods work, try to then channel this newfound energy into your presentation. Talk with the same passion that you have for the business or product you are marketing. 

Self-confidence can’t be achieved without accepting who you are as a person. 

St. Francis de Sales has four words of advice that fit perfectly here: ‘Be you very well’. Don’t apologise for who you are on camera. This can come out in various ways. Your body language can become inward facing, awkward and small. Your voice can become quieter or you can sound unsure in what you’re saying. 

There’s a simple way to stop all of these things from happening.

Record yourself, and then watch and assess yourself. Even better, get someone to watch for the way you are speaking and the way you come across on camera.

Take notes and then begin to work on changing what was wrong. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with failure, it’s just another chance to improve. 

Hopefully these tips have helped put you at ease in front of a camera! Lastly, if all else fails, don’t forget to smile.

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