Turning Chuckles into Conversions – how online businesses can use humor

One night, my cousin and I were playing an online game called Cake Mania, which involved strategy, quick-thinking, and the ability to make multi-tiered heart shaped cakes for fairy tale characters. I am very good at this game. So naturally, I made the mistake of getting a little too cocky and calling myself “Cake Master,” since I performed much better than my cousin.

How meal kits are changing the food industry — through waste reduction and sustainable efforts

As meal kits have risen in popularity throughout the country, they’ve represented a new and convenient option for anyone who might not have the time to cook or even meal prep for the work week. Even for myself, balancing work and school has left me almost little to no time to buy and prepare ingredients, much less cook for the week! A 2017 report from Packaged Facts, “Meal Kits Delivery Services in the U.S., 2nd Edition," revealed the meal kits market was worth $5 billion.

What is eco-friendly nail polish?

Most nail polish includes a cocktail of chemicals that are not only bad for the environment, but in some cases, your own health! I have compiled the most common toxins that you should avoid when shopping for nail polish so that you can breathe easier during your next mani/pedi - not just from knowing it’s a healthier alternative, but your nose will thank you.