Meet the founding members of the Zeeva Team a team of eco champions from different time zones and of different generations that share the same vision of an earth-friendly platform for UK.

David Heap

I’m an old man who should have retired but I haven’t. And I never will! I have built businesses from zero to a billion-dollars and back again, and have served huge networks of small eco brands. I know the power of small business – who make up over 50% of the U.S. GDP! I am passionate about supporting brands advocating for a better future for my many grandchildren until I hit 100. And trust me – I will!

Sarah Bloodworth

I started my first business at the age of six selling rocks on the side of the road. But I didn’t do very well because the lemonade stand competition was tough and to my surprise, the market just wasn’t ready to buy broken quartz (their loss). ️️ In all seriousness, I graduated with degrees in environmental science and journalism. I met David shortly after I graduated, and to my surprise, the old man cared a lot about what I cared about — supporting our earth. And he has a great idea of how to actually do it.

Andrea Schiffer

I am the one in the background making sure everything works properly – from domain registrations to Zoom difficulties! I am very experienced in the world of e-commerce, especially on Amazon. I’ve ran an Amazon business for over six years. So I know first-hand the ins-and-outs of platforms. When I’m not working, I’m dancing to Cuban music with my husband as my dog, Sultan sings along! 

And a handful of other, dedicated individuals around the world who share our vision for the Zeeva movement. Click here to read more.