Meet the founding members of the Zeeva Team a team of eco champions from different time zones and of different generations that share the same vision of a platform for change-makers.

David Heap

I’m an old man who should have retired but I haven’t. And I never will! I have built businesses from zero to a billion-dollars and back again, and have served huge networks of small eco brands. I know the power of small business – who make up over 50% of the U.S. GDP! I am passionate about supporting brands advocating for a better future for my many grandchildren until I hit 100. And trust me – I will!

Sarah Bloodworth

I started my first business at the age of six selling rocks on the side of the road. But I didn’t do very well because the lemonade stand competition was tough and to my surprise, the market just wasn’t ready to buy broken quartz (their loss). ️️ In all seriousness, I graduated with degrees in environmental science and journalism. I met David shortly after I graduated, and to my surprise, the old man cared a lot about what I cared about — supporting our earth. And he has a great idea of how to actually do it.

Andrea Schiffer

I am the one in the background making sure everything works properly – from domain registrations to Zoom difficulties! I am very experienced in the world of e-commerce, especially on Amazon. I’ve ran an Amazon business for over six years. So I know first-hand the ins-and-outs of platforms. When I’m not working, I’m dancing to Cuban music with my husband as my dog, Sultan sings along! 

Annie Zhang

Growing up with my dad, who studied climate change, I was always aware of the impact that our actions had on the environment. That’s why I’m currently pursuing my PhD in communication, to better understand the factors that influence people’s behaviors when it comes to making a difference towards climate change. At Zeeva, I work to create engaging and meaningful content.

Shannon Kenny

I help eco-conscious businesses grow with integrity so they can create real, tangible impact while running a successful and profitable business. From a sustainability perspective, I know the right questions to ask. And when it comes to the business side of things, I help with all the ins and out of running an online business, from crafting branding and marketing strategies, to identifying your ideal client and converting them into loyal, lifelong customers. 

And a handful of other, dedicated individuals around the world who share our vision for the Zeeva movement. Click here to read more.