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“It’s time for a makeover! But not for you – for your home. But are there ways to give your space a face lift without impacting the environment? Of course! It’s part of what is being called a “Sustainable Design Revolution,” because more and more companies and individuals are adopting these practices. Sustainability in interior design and home decor is not just a reflection of our personal values, but can directly support sustainable businesses that work to protect our environment. 

But before you start your vision board, let’s talk a bit about the overall goals for sustainable spaces that are more effective for the environment AND yourself. 

  1. Use space efficiently: this helps to ensure that you use less materials, which in turn means less materials that are wasted during production. For example, give your plants a home on your windowsill rather than buying a blocky cabinet.
  2. Use energy-efficient materials: Even the type of toilet that you choose, or the type of wood flooring you use, can have an impact on energy usage of your house. Here is a link to a resource where you can start getting inspo from better materials.
  3. Use recycled materials: here’s an obvious one! Antique and vintage home decor always adds a unique look to the home; plus, it’s inherently sustainable, since you’re reusing old materials. 

Hope you get inspired too! 

Plant Wall Art from Forest Moss Homes: Terrible at maintaining plants? No worries. These plant wall arts don’t need ANY maintenance, but still remain beautiful and green. The company uses a special preservation process that’s safe, natural and harmless, meaning you can feel good about just looking at your new plant friends. 

Rugs from Interface: Interface is the first global flooring manufacturer to sell all products as carbon neutral across their full life cycle. These cute rugs are not only aesthetic, but use recycled content and bio-based materials – meaning the material can store carbon, preventing its release into the atmosphere.

This last product is definitely my favorite. I’m a big candle aficionado (spot me in the store candle aisle just smelling candles for hours), so naturally, looking for sustainable candles has always been a priority. These candles from Prosperity Candle are the best: each is individually made by a female refugee artisan currently living in the US, and the company itself has been recognized for its commitment to social and environmental sustainability. (Plus, after the candle has been used, you can even use it as a plant pot!) 

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