Healthy You, Healthy Earth: Here’s how to personalize your work-out and yes — you can make it sustainable!

Staying healthy, working out — those are often found at the top of New Year’s Resolution lists, as we strive each year to be a better version of ourselves and to commit to a workout plan. So when people talk “sustainable working out,” it’s oftentimes in the context of how to stick to a diet or workout and not flake halfway through. Perhaps, it’s time to talk about “sustainable working out” in another context  — in a clean, eco-friendly way. 

Certainly, it’s not about flipping your entire routine on its head and heading straight out to go run in the forests. But, there are increasingly more and more little things that we can do that — while seemingly insignificant — really do have an impact on the world around us. 

First, if you ever find yourself on a treadmill or exercise machine with a personal TV, opt to turn it off and listen to some music instead. A TV on a cardio machine uses about 40 to 50 watts of power, so instead, keep yourself occupied by bringing a book (or textbook, if you’re out here studying for midterms too.) And if you want to go one step further, ditch the machines — which use a significant amount of electricity to keep powered — altogether and take a walk on the tracks! Weight training is also an optimal workout — and proven to lead to a longer-lasting drop in blood pressure than aerobic exercise, according to a study from Cornell University. 

The next one is more obvious — use a reusable water bottle! Keep yourself hydrated during your workout routine. Certainly, you don’t have to skimp out on how much you’re drinking, but you can definitely skimp out on the amount of plastic you’re using. So pick up a fun, reusable water bottle for yourself — for your own good, and for the planet!

If yoga is how you like to work out, opt for a “earth-friendly” yoga mat. You might find some made of cork, or recycled plastics, or even biodegradable, non-Amazon-harvested, natural tree rubber. The options are all out there! 

From dumbells, to leggings, to even green deodorant, we’ve seen more and more consumers and sellers opt for sustainable materials — whether in fashion, or working out. You’re only a quick browse away for these new options — and we hope you can find them in the future on!

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