The relationship between coronavirus and climate change is a double-edged sword

A few months passed, and the whole world changed. Never in my life have I seen such a rapid change in the way the entire population of the world operates. This rapid change has caused unprecedented change in the way we live, and also has made a drastic impact on the our lives, as well as the planet.

Tired of hearing about coronavirus? I challenge you not to smile at these images of dogs dressed in sustainable outfits

One of the best things about staying at home is getting more time with my therapist, my best friend, my cuddle partner – Pepper. Pepper has been such an important aspect of my wellness during this chaotic and stressful time. Although as I stare at her more and more this week, I couldn’t help but think, “She needs a new bandana. She would look so cute in a new bandana.”’

We ask a meteorologist how lightning works – and more!

Having an in-house meteorologist is exactly as you’d expect: chaotic, fun and occasionally, extremely useful. So with that in mind, I thought I would sit down and ask my dad some of the most common questions that a meteorologist gets asked.

Meet the women of!

Our team consists of three amazing women: Andrea, Sarah and Annie. We want to showcase their unique personalities…and learn about the best way to eat a potato (yes, there’s a correct answer, but we’ll leave you to decide whose answer is correct.)

The environmental price of a single serve K-cup — and its more eco-friendly alternatives

If you’re like me, a coffee a day is a basic necessity. And oftentimes, the easiest option is to pop a single serve K-cup into the Keurig machine right before you get ready to leave the house, and wait a few minutes as the smell of coffee permeates around you and coffee fills into your reusable cup.

Healthy You, Healthy Earth: Here’s how to personalize your work-out and yes — you can make it sustainable!

. Perhaps, it’s time to talk about “sustainable working out” in another context — in a clean, eco-friendly way.

The story of sustainability is a personal one: it’s your own

At the end of the day, as fellow humans, we share the same fundamental values of love, support and friendship, and when we begin to see how nature shares that with us too, we open a door to talking about sustainability and climate change that bypasses any political or social divide.

What is eco-friendly nail polish?

Most nail polish includes a cocktail of chemicals that are not only bad for the environment, but in some cases, your own health! I have compiled the most common toxins that you should avoid when shopping for nail polish so that you can breathe easier during your next mani/pedi – not just from knowing it’s a healthier alternative, but your nose will thank you.

Vegan olive oil cake: the pinnacle of sustainable dessert

Olive oil cake is truly a top-tier dessert: despite its use of olive oil instead of butter, it maintains an extremely moist texture. It’s not as sweet as most other cakes, since olive oil isn’t a very aggressive flavor, but nevertheless, it’s a unique taste and flavor that goes well with coffee or tea.