Upwork Versus Fiverr for Eco Businesses

Upwork and Fiverr ultimately do the same thing - provide a platform to hire and/or get hired as a freelancer.  And as an eco-friendly business or freelancer, you might have considered using the platforms before. But is Upwork or Fiverr good for eco-conscious business? If so, which one is better? Do either have any eco … Continue reading Upwork Versus Fiverr for Eco Businesses

3 Low Cost Ways Your Digital Business Can Go Eco

When the average person thinks of an “eco” business, they probably think of bamboo toothbrushes, tote bags, organic eye creams - or whatever else is trending on Pinterest these days. But digital businesses have an environmental footprint too. Businesses that are fully online or virtual (something that has become more and more commonplace) still have a … Continue reading 3 Low Cost Ways Your Digital Business Can Go Eco

Turning Chuckles into Conversions – how online businesses can use humor

One night, my cousin and I were playing an online game called Cake Mania, which involved strategy, quick-thinking, and the ability to make multi-tiered heart shaped cakes for fairy tale characters. I am very good at this game. So naturally, I made the mistake of getting a little too cocky and calling myself “Cake Master,” since I performed much better than my cousin.