About Zeeva.eco

Manchester has a feeling about it, something unlike the rest of the UK. From the iconic Mancunian music legends to the effortless cool of the Northern Quarter, Manchester has a real heart that you feel pulsing through the city, rain or shine. (But it’s usually rain, let’s be honest.)

Manchester is a UK sustainability leader – consistently ranking high as an eco city, both in terms of business and culture and we believe that we are fulfilling an unmet need for everyone to easily contribute and feel good about it.
We know many of you in the Greater Manchester area share our desire to make an eco contribution to the planet. We are here to support a new breed of passionate eco entrepreneurs who really want to make an impact. Whether you’re right at the beginning of your journey and wondering how to be more eco friendly, or years down the path in your sustainable selling and shopping journey, our eco shops are here to add value to Manchester, our first community. 
Here at Zeeva.eco we’re giving EVERYONE a voice and a supporting hand in integrating eco into their business and lifestyle. 
If you want to make any eco contribution Zeeva.eco is an inclusive, sustainable shopping marketplace community for anything and everything authentically eco by signing up today. We pride ourselves on our hand picked curation process to keep your platform and our sellers truly authentic. We want to understand you and what makes your brand sustainable.

You and I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, and building this powerful platform won’t happen overnight. That’s why we need your help to fill our online community with real, passionate eco lovers as fast as we can.

Who is everyone?

Together we are building a sustainable marketplace with REAL people and businesses, just like you. We will make an authentic difference in our community and make your everyday eco journey easier. For the first time in our social community, creators in our sustainable products and services marketplace will be able to connect with like minded people.

Our sustainability marketplace is dedicated to creating change by providing a space for everyone to shop and sell both products and services, like a marketplace, but collaborate like a community.

We bring together sustainable products, services and a social community all in one unique and powerful platform. We’re a place to connect, buy, and sell EVERYTHING eco, including;

  • Unique, New Eco Products & Gifts from the best eco friendly online stores
  • Secondhand, Upcycled, Vintage & Thrifted Products
  • Digital Services from Like-Minded Freelancers
  • Eco-conscious spaces (zero waste shops, sustainable shops and vegan restaurants)
  • Sustainable Packaging & Business Services
  • Community-lead, Curated Eco Education opportunities & resources
  • Even job openings in the eco space!

The best part? We have a passionate, global team of environmentalists and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to putting your local eco community at your fingertips.