5 UK-Based Graphic Designers Perfect for Eco-Conscious Business

As a business owner, you work hard to create something you know will help your customers. And when you’re running a small business, it’s tempting to take on design responsibilities yourself. I mean how hard can Canva be? There’s free logo makers right?

I remember when I first started, I set aside an hour and a half to create a logo at a coffee shop. 4 hours later I was frantically running around the shop asking strangers if they liked option one or two (News flash – they both kind of sucked).

Having an effective design and branding presence is about more than just sticking a cool font next to a colorful graphic. It’s about standing out from the crowd, reflecting your core values, and creating a consistent, professional image for yourself.

Branding is what can make the difference between a prospective client clicking on your post and deciding to just keep on scrolling.

And when your to-do list could circle the circumference of the world, it’s probably worth taking a step back to outsource to the experts. 

And wouldn’t be great to hire a designer who gets what you stand for from the start — A designer who lives and breathes the same values you’ve built your business on? 

I’ve compiled some of the top designers in the UK who specialize in working with small businesses who share their values. And they’re open for business!

1.Lauren Mogg of Mogfish Marketing located in Sherborne

Lauren is an experienced designer who loves to combine her passion for conservation and creativity.  When she’s not designing, she’s gaining inspiration and giving back by scuba diving and participating in beach cleanups. Outside of design, Lauren also offers digital marketing and social media services to help you exceed your business’ goals. 

“I was a scuba diver and way into conservation way before I started my business. I did my Dive Master and decided that’s the kind of client I want to work for.”

– Lauren Mogg
Some of Lauren’s marine-inspired graphics via Mogfish Marketing

2.Caitlin Bowbeer of BowBeer Designs in Edinburgh

If you’re looking for contemporary designs yet with a lot of personality, look no further than Caitlin, who is both a graphic designer and an illustrator. Whether you’re looking for a visual identity, website design, promotional materials, or product packaging, Caitlin will create something with both you and your customer in mind. She’s also a vegetarian and working toward being a vegan to do her part for the environment. 

Environmentally friendly packaging design for an edible flower kit via Bowbeer Designs

“Day to day I try my hardest to be as environmentally friendly as possible and try to reduce plastic. I am really keen to be active in more projects in the community.”

– Caitlin

3.Laveeza Zahid of Laveeza Design in Leeds

If you associate your brand with words like playful, fun, and positive, then listen to Laveeza. She says her designs are “self love inspired” and loves to work with businesses and organizations that work towards good causes. As someone who built her business from the ground up through COVID, she can relate to your struggles. Fun-Fact! She also has a new Etsy shop where she translates her designs into products.

“As a designer, there’s so many things you can do to help the environment such as using recycled paper for designs.”

– Laveeza

A snapshot of Laveeza’s designs via her Instagram

4. Angélique Boudeau: Eco-friendly Graphic Design in Edinburgh

Angélique is an up and coming artist who believes a low-carbon lifestyle doesn’t stop at your personal life. She injects her eco passion into her professional designs, web design/development, and beyond. She even specialized in sustainable graphic design during her Masters degree in Fine Art at Le Havre’s National Fine Art School in France. In her spare time, she’s cooking and enjoying vegan meals as well as working with zero-waste charity groups.

“Caring for the planet is something that’s been important to me since a long time ago, even before I studied graphic design. It’s important to my family, who’s always connected to the land.”

– Angélique

Logo Design for an independent yoga instructor via Angélique Boudeau

5. Taiesha Turner of Divine Creative in Suffolk

Taiesha has a unique, holistic approach to design. She emphasizes the importance of getting to know you on a personal, spiritual level so that she can create designs that reflect who you and your business truly are. She is a true example of an entrepreneur. She dropped her job at Nandos to risk building her own business on her own terms. To keep her spirits up, she practices with crystals, spirituality, healing, and journaling.

“I’ve had experience with more corporate designers who just say fill out the form and pay me. But my approach is more holistic – I really get to know someone. I want to make sure what I produce is for them and it speaks for them and their brand.”

– Taiesha
A post from Divine Creative’s Instagram – @divinecreative_

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