5 Tweets about Jeff Bezos that are Prime Comedy

If you shop on Amazon, you might see Bezos as the genius who gave you access to an off-brand phone charger, delivered in two days or less. Or perhaps you see him as a tax-evading monopolist that has unfair business practices. If you’re an Amazon seller, you likely lean towards the latter. 

I personally have always benefited from the consumer side of Amazon, but it was not until I started experiencing for myself what the platform is like on the OTHER SIDE that that my entire view of it changed (which will be discussed in more detail in another blog post). 

The point is – everyone knows him and is talking about him. Just in the first few months of 2020, he’s been on the #trending page for his relatively unimpressive donation to Australian Wildlife Recovery, his timely (or untimely depending on how you look at it) appearance at the Oscars, and more recently, his $4.1 billion cash out

I decided to compile some of my favorite tweets (recent and all time) that call out Mr. Bezos and his company.

  1. Bezos is ROASTED

I have to start with Chris Rock and Steve Martin’s Oscar roast. They had me at “great actor.”

2. Parasite Wins the Oscar

Speaking of the Oscars, Parasite made award history for being the first non-english language film to win Best Picture. Since the movie is about wealth and class struggles, Twitter took the opportunity to point out the irony in Bezos’ presence of the win. 

3. The planet fights back

This tweet really paints a picture – a grim picture –  but one that alludes to the fact that leadership at Amazon doesn’t exactly prioritize our planet. 

4. Alternative caption – Bezos feeding on all the sellers who got their accounts suspended

5. And lastly, a tweet that is less comical, and quite frankly fires me up that it had to be written…but the plot twist will put a smile on your face.


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  1. Sandra E. Bloodworth

    And as Woopie of “The View” says quite often, from all the tax breaks and incentives some of that profit from Amazon needs to trickle down to the people. Amazon and other Corporations that make billions can certainly do more for the environment, poverty, and research in general.

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