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The Mancunian innovators, minority-owned businesses, everyday environmentalists, at home businesses, local community changemakers, non-profits, shoppers who want to do more, small business owners, zero waste shops, package free shops, sustainable fashion brands, ethical freelancers, the new breed of eco entrepreneurs, eco educators, and much more!

How it works?

Zeeva’s unique and powerful platform is an all-inclusive community for individuals and small business’, full of sustainable shops, eco spaces, women, LGBTQ+ and minority owned businesses, Eco freelancers and digital services, environmentally friendly home services and eco jobs. Shop and sell upcycled and second hand with Zeeva pre loved. Learn from our free eco education experts wherever you are on your sustainability journey and join a creative community for sharing eco inspiration of everything with everyone.

By joining Zeeva as a founding community member, you will contribute to making a curated community that makes eco contributions, transactions, and connections easy. Early members get FREE access to the platform and other early bird benefits on the new go-to place for buying, selling, connecting and learning.